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Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin + Installation Service + License


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We will install Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin for you with License Key included.

We will buy Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin behalf of you.

Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin Summery

Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce adds multiple wholesale pricing levels to your store depending on the user role. If a price has been entered for a specific user role inside the product edit page, it will override the default product price with the new wholesale price you entered for that role. Wholesale prices will only be shown if the current user has a role specified on the settings page. The plugin supports both simple and variable products.

Key Features:

  • Customers pay price according to their user roles.
  • Option to set free tax for the wholesale customers.
  • Option to set free shipping for the wholesale customers.
  • Set minimum / maximum checkout spending per order.
  • Set minimum / maximum checkout quantities per order.
  • Option to hide products from the shop that do not have wholesale prices for the current user role.
See in Action: Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

What you will get:

  • Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce Plugin Installation and configuration as per requirements.
  • We will buy this theme in behalf of you form author website.
  • License Key which we will add during installation (We will not give you license key direct in any case).
  • 100% Original theme file direct downloaded from author website.
  • You will get all the future automatic updates.

You can check our extra services which can be ordered along with this.

Extra Services:

WordPress Installation

  • We will install fresh WordPress on your hosting server and point it to your domain.
  • We will create database on your control panel to use with new WordPress Installation.

Setup your own content in website 5 Pages + Plugin Settings

  • We will add content behalf of you on 5 pages and also setup theme settings as per requirements.
  • $10 for each extra page.

Extra plugin installation and configuration

  • We will install and configure any requested plugin on your website.
  • $50 fore each extra plugin installation and configure service.

Theme or Plugin Customization with WordPress Standards

  • We will customize your theme or plugin as per your need with WordPress coding standards to make sure your site is safe after customization.
  • Our per hour rate is $50 per hour for WordPress theme and plugin customization.

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