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wcOne | Ultimate add-ons for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin + Installation Service + License


Super Professional, Quality Work, Flexible and 100% Customer Support

We will install wcOne | Ultimate add-ons for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin for you with License Key included.

We will buy wcOne | Ultimate add-ons for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin behalf of you.

wcOne | Ultimate add-ons for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin Summery

Are you struggling with taking online orders based on date & time? As a result, managing online orders and delivery seems hassle for you? No worries, to make your online ordering and delivery easier than ever wcOnce comes into play.

For example, you might be facing problems taking online orders during your business hours by allowing shipping within zipping or kilometers, allowing local pickup, limiting the number of orders per time slot, and selling extra add-ons. For all these issues, wcOne is the only solution.
No matter what your business is, wcOne can help you to manage all your WooCommerce tasks easily. wcOne makes online orders, order management, and delivery, easy.

wcOne is a complete online ordering, order management, and delivery system. It has so many exclusive features such as material information, same page cart & checkout system, Delivery availability checking system, Address or Zip Code based delivery availability system, Kilometer based custom delivery fees setting system, Live sound notification for new orders, etc.

wcOne consist of 3 types of custom frontend admin dashboard. Each dashboard is very useful and effective to the respective admin manager. An admin dashboard for Shop Manager, another one is for the Packaging Manager. lastly, an admin dashboard for Delivery Man.

It has time slot base order-taking system. Also has delivery or pickup and pre-order-taking system. wcOne has pre-built product extra add-ons adding and selling system. It supports thermal printers for invoice printing.

See in Action: wcOne | Ultimate add-ons for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

Here’s what you can expect from our services:

  1. wcOne | Ultimate add-ons for WooCommerce Installation and Configuration:
    We will handle the complete installation and configuration of the wcOne | Ultimate add-ons for WooCommerce to meet your specific requirements.
  2. Theme Purchase on Your Behalf:
    To ensure authenticity, we will purchase the wcOne | Ultimate add-ons for WooCommerce directly from the author’s website on your behalf.
  3. License Key Management:
    During the installation process, we will take care of the License Key activation. Rest assured, we will not directly provide you with the License Key under any circumstances.
  4. 100% Original File:
    You will receive the original file, which will be downloaded directly from the author’s website to guarantee its authenticity and quality.
  5. Future Automatic Updates:
    We will ensure that you receive all future automatic updates for the wcOne | Ultimate add-ons for WooCommerce, keeping it up-to-date and optimized.

You can check our extra services which can be ordered along with this.

Extra Services:

WordPress Installation

  • We will install fresh WordPress on your hosting server and point it to your domain.
  • We will create database on your control panel to use with new WordPress Installation.

Setup your own content in website 5 Pages + Plugin Settings

  • We will add content behalf of you on 5 pages and also setup theme settings as per requirements.
  • $10 for each extra page.

Extra plugin installation and configuration

  • We will install and configure any requested plugin on your website.
  • $50 for each extra plugin installation and configure service.

Theme or Plugin Customization with WordPress Standards

  • We will customize your theme or plugin as per your need with WordPress coding standards to make sure your site is safe after customization.
  • Our per hour rate is $50 per hour for WordPress theme and plugin customization.

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