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VITALIY GRIN ART: Digital illustrator / Vector illustrator / Designer

Vector illustrator and graphic designer. I have extensive experience in creating vector illustrations for prints on various products, or for website design. I also have extensive experience in the development of graphic design. I listen to the wishes of the client, I have a good sense of taste and style, executive and work quickly.

I can provide the client with a fairly wide selection of services in terms of illustration or graphic design:
portrait illustration
fashion illustration
character development
design of prints for clothes, printed materials, digital illustrations to design your trading or creative platform.
graphic design of banners, design elements, backgrounds.

I worked with such projects as the development of prints on clothes and accessories for smartphones, created advertising posters and banners, flyers.

I also collaborate with an American DJ and producer, participating in the work on the Deep Parliament project. I draw illustrations for the covers of singles, and developed their design.

I collaborate with a Ukrainian group Vivienne Mort, I draw posters for them.

I love my work very much, I always approach creativity with inspiration and joy. I will be glad to cooperate!

Highilted skills
Vector illustration | Digital illustration| Fashion illustration | Graphic design | Identity design | Brand design | Illustration | Sketch | Design posters | Flyer | Fashion | Pattern design

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