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AR filter & chatbot dev: Instagram | TikTok | Snapchat lens | telegram

Hi, my name is Viacheslav, briefly call me – Slava.
I created more than 150 creative AR filters and about 30 chatbots since 2019.

AR filters (Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok) for such clients: as MasterCard, METRO, Garnier, Becherovka, HellRaisers, Galychyna, Eldorado, Alight, and many others (I can not tell through NGOs).

Chatbots (Telegram, Viber, Facebook, Instagram) for such clients: as Loreal, Tefal, Rowenta, Havas, Glovo, Gastrofamily, and Goodlife, and many others (I can not tell through NGOs).

I make AR filters in such categories:
– AR games
– randomizers
– filters with 3D objects
– animated live photos and target tracker
– color filters

I did chatbots for various business tasks:
– chatbot – seller of goods and services
– chatbot – consulting
– chatbot – restaurant menu
– chatbot – analog of Google form
– fan chatbot – New Year’s horoscope

By contacting me, you can expect to run the project from start to finish.
After taking the project, I first think and evaluate the options for how it can be created and then offer them to the client to choose the best way together. So, we will get an excellent result.


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