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Interior Design Photographer & Retoucher / Experienced PL Translator

Hi, nice to meet you!

Whether you came here looking for outstanding photos or excellent Polish translations, I can offer you both. Please read more about each type of service below.


I am a professional photographer based in Gdansk, Poland, but open to take on interesting jobs in other locations.

I do photo shoots and retouch photos for hotels, restaurants, real estate agencies, Airbnb hosts and basically anyone who’s in need of beautiful photos of their property or who’d like to enhance their existing photos.

Food photography is often an integral part of the shoots in hotels and restaurants, but also something I really enjoy doing separately.

My travel photography (along with my travel articles) has been featured in both on-line and printed media (see Pixelaart Portfolio).


I am a native Polish speaker and I have been doing English-Polish and German-Polish translations throughout my working life (since 2006). Since 2015 I am a full-time freelancer.

My excellent German and English language skills allow me to translate various types of content into Polish with ease and confidence. I do all translations 100% manually.

Types of content I specialize in include:
– technical documents
– contracts
– Amazon listings (with basic knowledge of Amazon SEO)
– food/diet and health-related
– hotel and travel related
– any type of marketing content

Thanks to living, studying (France), working (India) and travelling abroad for many years, I am fluent in English. My near-native level of German is a result of living in Germany as a child. Naturally, I’ve been studying these languages too, as well as perfecting my language skills throughout the years.

Another big part of my work as a freelancer (since 2015) is writing content (articles, blog posts, reviews, SEO contect, business and product descriptions for websites etc.) in English and Polish (see examples in the Portfolio).

You can expect professionalism, strong work ethics and excellent organizational skills from me.

I am looking forward to work with you!


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