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Senior Graphic & UX/UI Designer Figma | Adobe XD | Bravo Studio

Searching for a proficient Web or Mobile app or a UI/UX designer for your business growth ?

Bang Bang! You are at the best place, I am working in the IT field since 2011 and I’ll provide you the perfect optimised solutions for your needs to convert your ideas into reality by doing some discussions and research.

Expertise in :-

👉 Prototyping :- Invision | Axure RP | Balsamiq | Adobe XD

👉 UX/UI ( Graphic & Web Design ) :- Adobe Photoshop | Sketch | Corel Draw | Adobe Illustrator

👉 Front-End Development :- Angular.js | React.js | Html5 | CSS3 | Bootstrap 4 | Javascript | Ajax | Responsive Web Design

👉 Back-End Development :- Python | Django | PHP | Laravel | CodeIgniter | Cake PHP | Yii | Node.js

👉 Database Development :- MySQL Administration | Mongo DB | MS SQLPostgre

👉 DevOps :- Github | Bitbucket | Zira | Basecamp | Asana | Trello | Mentis

👉 CMS Customisation & Development :- WordPress Expert | Open-Cart | WordPress Themes | WordPress Plugins

👉 Ecommerce Development :- Shopify | Shopify Themes & Plugins | Woo-commerce | Open-Cart | Custom PHP

👉 Mobile App Design & Development ( iOS & Android ) :- Ionic | PhoneGap | Firebase | Cordova | Hybrid Apps | TypeScript

👉 Scripting & Automation :- Face Recognition | Voice Recognition | ChatBot | InstaBot | API Integrations | Web Crawler | Restful API

Let me give you my Area specific competence-

UX/UI ( Graphic Design & Motion UI ) – As an experienced UX/UI product consultant , I design with a combination of CCD ( Conversion Centred Design ) , behavioural design , and clean user-centred which yields results for my clients.

Front-end Development – As a frontend developer , I stand out because I am also a designer for one. So I understand both design principles and coding , which pushes me to strive in making my coding always come out semantically , practical , and in the most efficient way possible.

Back-end Web Development – I’ve always preferred backend development because I love manipulating data and I have the ability to create back-end code that will add utility to everything the front-end designer creates. I’m passionate about the impact my skills can have in the real world, and firmly believe that I can create innovative solutions to business processes and problems which will ultimately lead to a better user experience .

In short , I will bring my ability to make your website alive by coding the algorithms & logics . I do possess an in-depth understanding of both front end and back end technologies including outlining what success looks like.

Full Stack MEAN & MERN Developer – Develop the “ Next Generation ” Web ( SPAs ) & Mobile Apps Development for Android and iOS with mostly a single code base where apps exhibit real-time data with extensive scalability, aesthetically pleasant looking having the wow factor. All this is possible with the understanding and experience of working with latest technologies and frameworks: MEAN & MERN Stack , Meteor , React , ReactNative , Vue , Angular , Material , Firebase , AngularFire , Ionic , Electron etc.

Python & PHP – I am one of the Python developer in high demand – not only because the language is so popular and widely used but mostly due to the fact that Python became a solution in many different areas from web applications to data science and machine learning like automated bots etc.

Apart from Python I have expertise with all the MVC structured frameworks of PHP language , that is why I am different from others. I love to take intelligent decisions according to my client’s budget & requirements .

Ecommerce Development – I am master with Woo-commerce & Shopify both and my expertise with securing these CMS’s for e-commerce website or online transactions makes me different from others.

CMS – In CMS I suggest WordPress to my clients as it is easy to use and cost you less with more features . Being a wordpress expert and I can provide you the optimised solutions using wordpress .

API – I have hand on experience with all the popular APIs like Facebook Graph API , Instagram API , Payment API , Finance related API , Rest API etc.

As you are here , let’s talk to see what we can produce together to enhance your business overseas with Extremely Modern & Highly Conversion Rate Optimised web solutions .


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