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Spark AR/Effect House/Lens/ AR filters for Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat

Hi, I’m an experienced Instagram, Facebook & TikTok AR Filters/Lenses/Effects creator.

I have created over 400 filters with more than 25 billion total views.
My clientele of more than 100 brands and bloggers includes:
— Popular singers (Ice Spice, Neriah, Vera Brezhneva, 13.3 million followers)
— Streaming services (AMC Networks, FX Networks, Apple TV+)
— Designers and beauty brands (Schwarzkopf Ukraine, G.Bar, Litkovska, NCYZIP, Moondust Cosmetics, Hey Bud Skincare, Lamel)
— Food companies (Chipsters, Flint, Sushiya, Ovenstory, Dorset Sea Salt)
— Shops (Antoshka)
— Building developments (Tropicana Corporation Berhad, Avalon Lviv)
— Top Ukrainian Influencers (Oleksandr Zalisko – 1 million followers; Olia Chubata – 220k followers; Marta Frankov – 130k followers; Yana Rogozha – 319k followers, Darina Zapesochnaya – 414k followers and others)

For me, filters aren’t only a way to express feelings through art, but also a chance to highlight brand values and help it stand out from the competition.

It is also a great advertising tool that helps to promote new products. For example, I have created:
— Panama hat filter for NCYZIP brand, which makes goods from recycled jeans, has just launched a panama hat production.
— A filter with verses from Litkovska’s clothing line pieces to present her new collection.
— A filter with fitting glasses sold in Londi stores to give each customer a chance to try on different models and choose those that suit them.

I work quickly and get quality results. My priority is to make sure that my customers are satisfied with the outcome. I am also ready to experiment with AR filters to bring your vision to life.

Here are some of the things I can create for you:
• Face beauty filters
• Camera effects with color correction and interactive effects
• Stickers in 2D and 3D
• Animation
• Portals: backgrounds, a copy of your office or apartment
• Quizzes and random questions
• Voice Changer
• Effects with segmentation (human, skin, hair)
• Filters with 3D models

Feel free to contact me to discuss the details of your projects. I would love to hear what you have in mind!


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