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Data Entry, Monday, KDP Amazon, Presentation

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Admin Assistant, Website Designing, Kindle Self Publishing, CRM, Notion, Mindmap, Presentation, Charts, D3 js, Tableau, Data Entry, Online Research, WordPress, Pivot Table

My name is Muhammad Sabeeh Mohsan. I am a freelance multi-talented admin assistant. I am a highly skilled professional who provides administrative support to individuals, teams, and organizations on a project basis. I possess a diverse range of skills and expertise that allows me to handle various tasks efficiently.

I can help you in scheduling appointments, managing calendars, coordinating meetings, booking travel arrangements, handling correspondence, managing databases, conducting research, and performing other administrative tasks as required.

In addition to my administrative skills, I also have expertise in other areas such as project management, CRM, Notion-a productivity and note-taking web application, Kindle Self Publishing, social media management, graphic design, website development, Mindmap, Presentation, Charts, D3 js, Tableau, WordPress, Pivot Table, D3,js. or customer service. This diverse skill set allows me to assist clients with a wide range of needs and provide valuable support in multiple areas.

I have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to work independently and manage their time effectively. I am highly organized, detail-oriented, and able to prioritize tasks to meet deadlines and ensure that all work is completed accurately and efficiently.

Overall, I am a valuable asset to any individual or organization seeking professional administrative support. My diverse skills and expertise allow me to provide a broad range of services and help clients achieve their goals with ease.

Please check out my expertise below:

– Data Entry in Excel, Copy Paste, CRM Data Entry
– Web Research, Web Scraping
– WordPress Data Entry, Shopify Data Entry
– PDF Conversion, PDF to Excel/Word, Image to Excel/Word
– E-commerce Product Listing
– Data collection, Convert Data, Json File Conversion
– Fix Formatting Errors in MS Word, Insert Data, Typing
– Set up Monday CRM for new business
– Manage your Business on
– Day-to-day project management on
– Assistant to self-publish eBooks, paperbacks, and hardcover books on amazon
– Format your manuscript for kindle direct publishing ebook
– Create a clickable Table of Contents in your eBook
– Format book for Amazon KDP and other self publishing platforms
– Design Stunning book covers for ebook and print books
– Keyword Research and Category Hunting for your books to rank well
– Create a professional business card with a qr code
– Create custom qr code design with your logo
– Create qr code digital menu for restaurants, cafes, bars, Spa etc.
– Data analysis, Data visualization
– Create dashboards and reports that provide real-time insights into business performance, helping users to make data-driven decisions.
– Create all types of data visualizations, including bar charts, line charts, scatterplots, histograms, and more.
– Create interactive maps that show geographic data, such as population density, weather patterns, or demographic data.
– Provides a range of tools for adding interactivity to data visualizations, such as mouseover effects, zooming, and panning.

Deliverable Files:

Google Sheets
Other Spreadsheets
Google Docs
PDF Editor
Google Slides

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Efficient time of working
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