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3d modeling, high quality visual content

I’m on a mission to produce the best visual identity for different products and services.

Helping companies and individuals to get a high-quality visual appearance for products and services.
I’m 17 years in this field. For the past 7 years, I made more than 750 product modeling and listings for Amazon, Shopify, different e-commerce platforms, personal websites, social media marketing campaigns, manufacturing images, printable materials, mobile applications, etc.

I have great experience in product design and creation of physical products from scratch.
I can cover the whole process, starting from research and concept design work, through 3d product modeling, testing of details and design options, materials, textures and colors. I can cover the whole branding and marketing process. I can prepare marketing materials, manufacturing materials and many more.

I can offer individual approach for every project, considering client’s vision and final goal. The combination of your perspective and my professional skill set will bring your ideas to high quality final results with powerful visual impact.


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