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Illustrator / Children book illustrator / Layout design / Character

”Why should I choose you over the other candidates?” you might ask. I believe you can benefit from selecting me for your job and here is why:

• Your instructions will be followed you ideas will be preserved. I am not afraid to ask questions. I enjoy working as a team so my aim is to build a great working relationship with an employer

• You want a conventional image? You want an unconventional image? I can do both! My artistic approach helps to create an image that will stand out yet fulfill all of your requirements

• While others are listening to the task for the second time I am already half way doing it

• In case of illustrating for the kids I believe you want a publish a book that will be loved by children. I am a mother of 2 kids and have experience working at the international school. This background experience is useful indeed

• I am multilingual and multicultural.

• I am a professional publisher editor and brand manager who has a passion for design and illustration.

•Adobe Photoshop
•Adobe Illustrator
•Adobe InDesign
• Procreate

Looking forward to working with you!



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