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Optical Engineer

I am an Optical Engineer who has Physics Engineering and Photonics degree. I am able to make the optical design of your product or project which is carried out through computer-assisted software such as TracePro – OSLO – Zemax through optical engineering studies.

All of your project ideas will be under the Intellectual property protection of NDA which can be signed before starting the project.


– Reflector Design
– LED Lighting Design
– LED Panel and Projector Design
– Lens Design
– Contact Lens Design
– Fiber Lighting
– TV Backlight Design
– 2D-3D Optical Optimization
– Light Pipe Design
– Illumination Design in Biomedical Applications
– Stray Light Analysis
– Spot Lighting
– Solar Lighting
– Automotive Interior and Exterior Lighting
– Military Optical Hardware Design
– Optical system concept development
– Fresnel lens design
– Polymer and Glass TIR optical elements
– Optical system simulation and experimental evaluation
– Optical production quality control.
– Optical alignment
– Projector and Micro & Pico lighting System optical design
– Prototyping or assisting you during the production process the optical product.
– Support and assist your team and engineers during optical design process

At the same time, the optomechanical design of a system (SolidWorks – Catia – Autocad etc.) is completed and the production is made ready. Optical design can be analyzed and harmonized with other applications such as Optic Studio – Speos – Zemax – Optis – Asap – Lighttools.

With optical optimization, accurate geometry, light distribution, light intensity settings, homogeneous distribution of light, summarized light properties are analyzed. Beam tracking and beam analysis are performed. It is possible to design original lighting tools not only for ready-made models but also for a newly created object. For example, a model drawn in SolidWorks can be analyzed in terms of radiation and illumination in my team. Technical support is provided by experts such as physicists and physics engineers. I am actively working on various type of reflectors, light guides and lens design for the LED lighting industry.


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