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Fashion Designer, Brand Consultant & Tech Pack Designer

Owner of FIBR Studios, specialising in tech pack design and garment development!

I am a multi-skilled fashion designer and consultant that holds a specialty within the sustainable textile and fashion industry. I have a double Bachelors’s degree in Commerce and Design from UNSW.

My design practice is centered on textiles and graphics, with a specialization in creating sustainable fashion. My designing ethos focuses on sustainability, quality, and timeless design.

A career highlight is my time as a brand consultant and studio manager at a London-based sustainable fashion firm, Apparel Tasker. Now based in Sydney, I freelance for multiple brands globally. I have a unique skill set as I have worked for both the manufacturer and designer, so I can assist through each stage of development and production.

My primary expertise is technical drawings, graphic design, tech pack design, online marketing, sustainable fashion development, and textile design.

I have worked in the fashion industry for many years and have extensive experience in brand development; these brands include but are not limited to:
– Major League Baseball
– Groupon
– Gordons Gin
– Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival
– Majestic Athletic
– Rawan Maki
– NTS Radio
– Brigid McLaughlin

Please feel free to contact me for any references or examples of work!


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