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Sock Designer | Technical Socks Designer | BMP

I am socks, colorist, graphic and textile designer with 7 years experience in these areas, including men’s, women’s, kid’s, intimates, Africa symbol’s, patterns, faces, animals etc…Before launching my business, I worked in sock factory 2 years and 5 years like a freelancer, so I know everything in these areas, but I am EXPERT with sock design. I can offer you file for any kind of machines(84,96,120,132,144,156,168,176,200N).

As a designer, I’m able to help your brands to create the perfect product and color story, with a technical packs on achieving the best end product. I create Pantone-matched artwork layouts, HEX or your own catalogue.

– Color concept and color palette creation.
– Sock Design
– Pixel-art
– Files for any kind of sock machines
– Mock-up
– Label for Textile product
– Vector Illustration
– Pattern Design

With me, your business becomes more successful and your manufacturer (production) doesn’t need to do any additional work.

Before I make a product, I completely dedicate myself to the brand and your ideas before creating. A sense of aesthetics and the composition of socks is very important, but research also plays a huge role. That’s why I combine my skills with your ideas and research to make a unique product. I have to look at all the important related things to bring the product to perfection. My design is not based on copy. I have a speed and quality band, and my clients can confirm that I am very relaxed and cooperative in work.

My base when creating designs is:
1. Commercial art
2.Respecting deadlines
3. Professional but friendly communication

If you want to talk about work, advice or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am very open to conversation. Hourly price is not same for any kind of work. I am one of the best sock designer here… 🙂

Price depends of your request.


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