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3D Apparel Designer

I’m Maria, a Mexican Fashion Designer currently based between Mexico and Spain. I have +8 years of experience working in fashion development from costume design (opera, dance, theatre) to sustainable fashion with American and European brands producing in Europe. I love communicating and explaining the whole process of my work so you’ll never get lost or confused.

I love sustainable fashion because I think it’s an opportunity to change market habits while building something valuable for the people. Although fashion industry may be a bit complicated, (specially if you are new on this), I LOVE working with the people behind and build long-term relationships, developing a garment from scratch and bringing someone’s vision to life has always been a huge satisfaction (from design, flat sketch, building detailed tech packs, checking the sample, doing the fitting, etc.)

My sustainable European factory contacts for women, men (knitwear, jersey and woven) with low MOQ can help you build and grow your business. I specialize on sourcing factories and have a nice relationship with Asian manufacturers with low moq tooxs

I am specialized on sustainable men and women’s fashion (woven and knits). I can guide you through an adequate development process for your brand. Also, as I have worked in an on-site atelier building samples, I have a keen eye for measurements so you can get (almost) perfect samples from the first time.

These are the services I can offer to you:

– Flat Sketches
– TECH PACKS (cover, tech sketch, workmanship, color ways, labeling, packaging, measurements, graded spec, Bill of materials, Point of measure, 1st comments section)
– Consultancy for Development Process + Costs
– Factory Pairing
– Fitting and sample revisions
– Quality Control & Assurance
– .DXF Patterns, grading, markers

Keep in mind that every client’s needs are unique and you may not need all of them 🙂
Hope you have a great day!



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