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Medical/General VA/Data Entry Specialist

Hi! Thank you for checking out my profile.

I am a tech-savvy pharmacist who found herself thriving in the freelancing field. In the past six years of working in different pharmacy settings (retail, distributor, mail service, and e-commerce). I have mastered a set of skills that I believe will help me advance in this new career I wanted to take. These skills include:

✔ Customer support
✔Admin/supervisory responsibilities
✔ Data entry & research
✔ Inventory management
✔ Logistics
✔ Updating (edit, review, maintenance) product catalog
✔ Sales management
✔ People management
✔Order/return/refund processing
✔ Written and verbal communication skills

Here’s also a list of programs and software that I am well-versed of:

📌 Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets
📌 Microsoft Word
📌 Canva
📌 Spark AR
📌 Facebook Ads
📌 Google Calendar
📌 Google Drive
📌 Hootsuite
📌 Google mail
📌 Outlook
📌 Zoom/Skype/Microsoft Teams
📌 Powerpoint
📌 TikTok

I am the person that you need if you want to get your administrative loads taken care of, giving you more time to focus on more important things in your life such as your business and/or family. Looking forward to work with you!


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