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I am an experienced Creative Director with a history of working in costume and product design, social media, and copywriting.

For the past 6 years I have worked as the Social Media Manager, then Creative Director, for the dog toy brand Bullymake. In this role, I worked extensively with product and content creation, being the creative lead on both toy development and social content. My time in this role has allowed me to become versed in researching and understanding product trends, as well as getting to the core of what connects with a consumer group. At the end of the day, everyone just wants to feel seen, heard, and understood. It’s my job to show the audience how a product or service helps them achieve that goal.

Additionally, I have been working with fashion and costume design for the better part of two decades, honing my craft as a seamstress and designer in the fields of costume and fashion. In the last year, I have committed myself to expanding into stylist work, as I am uniquely qualified to work with a variety of body shapes, styles, and decade influences. During this time, I have created a collection of custom pieces for clients, helped dozens hone their personal fashion sense, and created several fashion collections for retailers, including a winter collection for the online retailer SHEIN.

In my spare time, I enjoy creating elaborate costumes and styling photoshoots around the costume pieces that I’ve completed. My favorites so far include a replica Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman suit and a cosplay of Shego from Kim Possible.

Questions about specific creative projects? Please feel free to reach out directly!

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