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I specialize in designing vehicle wraps

Hey there! I’m Derek.

I’ve been a graphic designer for over ten years, with over five years of sign industry experience. I design disruptive wraps that can deliver their vital message in the small bracket of time that this form of advertising can be limited to, all while being eye catching and visually appealing. I’ve learned what I know while working alongside industry leaders in printing and installing. I’ve even gotten my hands dirty printing and installing!

I have designed for a multitude of scenarios and client types
• Fleet vehicles including vans, pickups and sedans
• Buildings and windows
• Specialty and personal vehicles
• Commercial clients with and without per-existing branding
• Sole proprietors and small businesses

I also provide branding solutions. Your commercial wrap design completely revolves around your branding. If you have weak branding, you are not going to have an effective wrap. Wraps are big and eye catching, but if your message has to be conveyed by text or photos, your current branding is not working for you. I collaborate with clients to establish clear and concise branding that works for them by engaging potential customers at first glance. If you have to pick between the two due to budget, choose branding and then come back to a wrap!

Of the two times my work has been submitted to contests, both times it has placed and were featured in Signs of the Time Magazine (Links below!).
• 2015 – 3rd Place in Transit Vehicles
• 2014 – 3rd Place in Service Vehicles5


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