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Artist & Astrologer | Communications, Spirituality, & Design

My name is Jiggii and I’m best at creating worlds, and navigating them with you.

As an astrologer, I’m looking for long term clients who want to step into the world that is their own lives and minds and bodies, and I want to be there supporting them in their journey of understanding their birth chart, and every chart derivative that comes out of a natal chart.

I am an artist looking for clients who want creative direction, collaboration, and/or support – my skills are technical, practical, creative, conceptual, and interpersonal. Whether it’s a sculpture or a website, a social media graphic or a portrait, a gallery space or pop up event – creating, producing, and finalizing art is a multi faceted process that I understand won’t always end in publication, production, or exhibition. The thousands of possibilities is what I’m interested in taking on. Every project is a unique world to build, and one I want to do my part in doing justice to. No matter your goals, process, or needs, I am interested in bringing my skills and expertise to your team!

Much of what I do and have accomplished has been viewed as “different”, “unusual”, and to some, extraordinary. I have had a hard time describing exactly what I can do astrologically, artistically, and creatively, so even my profile has been difficult to really get myself across in. My time at Brown had to be an innovation of my own imagining because of this, and my concentration was an independently designed one (Creative Content, Direction, and Design), rather than one from the list of majors.

But if there’s anything about me and my profile that interests you, I encourage you to reach out to me and schedule a consultation with me! Even if you aren’t sure how I can help; I’ll always listen to your goals, ideas, needs, and vision – and if I fit, I’ll tell you how I think I do and we can go from there!

And if I don’t, I can point to you some other accomplished and capable artists, designers, or astrologers in my network.

(I am a very fast worker in all my fields, and am always honest if my production pace is lower than normal on something – please keep this in mind when viewing my base rates and considering me for a project or astrology session of any kind, especially as I am flexible with my rates as a result of this and prefer to finalize rates once discussing the goals and agreeing on terms)


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