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UX/UI designer, User Interface designer, Senior Graphic designer.

I’m a qualified professional UX/UI designer with 19 years of experience. I can convert ideas and concepts into high-end, modern and responsive UX/UI/mockups and graphics for websites and mobile apps. I design professional User Interfaces of websites and mobile apps that are attractive yet functional. I am a mockups and layouts design expert. I create the whole experience from wireframes to Hi-Fi User Interface design, keeping in view the requirements of developers, along with meeting the client’s creative requirements and needs.

I design the layouts/mockups in such a way that can be implemented easily by developers that are responsive and take significantly less time to load. I have expertise with UI/UX principles, web standards, typography, icons, and color theory. I have an understanding of web layout limitations and technologies.

Along with UX/UI services, I also provide Graphic design services.

I am an expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD and Figma. I also have knowledge of Trello, Asana, Monday, InVision, etc.

1. 19+ years of great success in UI/UX design.
2. Over 800 jobs at Pixelaart.
3. Over $400k earned with Pixelaart – 100% success score.
4. Got Top Rated Plus Status from Pixelaart.
5. Designed UX/UI for more then 1000 websites and worked on UX/UI for more then 100 mobile apps.

I provide the following UX/UI services:
1. UX/UI design of WordPress, E-commerce, Web flow and SaaS websites.
2. UX/UI design of responsive websites
3. UX/UI design of mobile websites/apps
4. Mockups/Layouts design
5. UX/UI design of web apps
6 Landing page design
7. Dashboard/Admin screens design

I provide the following graphic design services:
1. Social Media Graphics Design
2. Print ads design
3. web ads design (static/animated)
4. Google ads design
5. Logo design
6. Icons design
7. Doing branding for business documents and reports
8 Brochure design
9. White paper design
10. Presentations design
11. Flyers design
12. Email newsletters design
13. Landing page design
14. Branding design

I pride myself on the following things:
-24 hours turnaround time.
-Continued support, even after completion.
-Well-informed about the latest trends.
-Guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Successful businesses require successful talent. No exceptions.
I am looking forward to working with you!



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