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Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Print Design, Vector Graphic, Mockup

🖐 I’m an expert from Ukraine who has 17+ years of practical experience working in graphic and editorial design.
I hope 👍 feedback and ⭐ stars for all my ended works tell you about it.

✅ You will get great professional work, according to your description, on time with any digital materials and layouts, packaging design, label design, package design, logo design, mockup design, outdoor advertising design, web design, layout design, print design (brochure, flyer, poster, ad banner, leaflet, letterhead, business card, postcard, booklet, catalog, signage, billboard, cover art, rollup, presentation, menu, calendar, folder, book, commercial offer, magazine, stationery, etc.), print layout, print layout editing, print materials editing.

✅ Also, you will get only manual redrawing (vectorized/tracing) logos and images in vector or editing them, with no automatic tracing.
A person who is not the first time working with vector graphics understands the difference, I hope you understand.
Vector graphic, line drawing, vector tracing, image tracing.

✅ Image/photo editing, image/photo retouching, image/photo manipulation, image/photo correction, image/photo color correction, removing or adding background/object in image/photo, correcting or changing colors and size, aligning image/photo/object, etc. – These all are my main areas of expertise and I know how these files will be used in ad and printing in the future.

💻 Professional in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Figma, Canva, and CorelDRАW.

📩 Feel free to ask me and test.

🤝 Thanks for your time in reading my profile.


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