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Illustrator, Tattoo Artist, Musician, Computer Engineer

I am an experienced, creative, versatile artist. I create illustrations, designs, tattoos, 2D animations with my unique style and perspective for 5+ years.

My clients for illustrations are monthly magazines, professional music album covers, concert posters, tattoos, websites, blogs etc. (Examples can be seen in my illustration portfolio)

My tattoos are decorating skins of hundreds of people all over the world… (Every one of them are uniquely designed by me for its owner)

As a self motivated artist I love paying attention on details. Also as a gift of my engineering background, I have a solution oriented analytical perspective while handling the projects.

In my opinion, communication between the artist and the client is the key for the quality of the final product. That’s why I value continuous feedback through the process.

As a computer engineer (BSc) I am very comfortable and experienced using the computer while creating my works. Especially experienced on Adobe Photoshop, Lightworks, Finalcut, Krita…


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