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Content creator - Graphic designer, Photographer, Videographer

My hourly rate is for jobs of 4 hours or less. Contact me for pricing on larger jobs.

Throughout my 20 year career in full-time roles such as graphic designer, photographer and marketing co-ordinator, I have shot and/or designed catalogues for home furnishings to comprehensive documents with multiple chapters and typographic styles.

As part of those roles I have also produced two-camera interviews for Youtube and motion graphics videos for seasonal marketing campaigns that also involved mobile prototypes. If it can be printed or presented on a screen, I’ve probably shot or designed it at least once.

Now as a freelancer, I work out of a studio in South London (4m wide X 7m long) with a plethora of props and table tops, wallpapers of all types and a diverse range of lighting and sound recording equipment for just about any project.


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