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Jewelry Designer /Rhinoceros / Blender/ Photoshop/ 3D modeler

I’m an experienced Jewelry Designer. As an Pixelaart certified 3d modeler, and a Blender user with over 7 years of experience, and over 8 months of experience as a Jewelry designer on Pixelaart, I Provide high quality 3D renderings with Measurement annotations, 3D printing STL files, Cad Files Ready for manufacturing, I’m a very devoted, impassioned jewelry Designer, sensible to details and perfection, I do as many revisions as needed for the sake of successfully job completion. I’m very looking forward to have a long term partner ship, and become a reupdated Jewelry designer. I speak English and French Fluently. My other skills in 3D modeling are: 3D Generalist, Blender Artist, Architectural Rendering, Hard and soft surface modeling, Sculpting, PBR texturing, Procedural Texturing.

1-Jewelry design.
2-Architectural Rendering

Softwares :
Blender 3.2, Rhinoceros, AutoCAD, Photoshop CC.

Blender Skills:
*Hard surface modeling( woods, metals, concrete, glass, Plastic,)
*Soft surface Modeling.
*Character Design, animal modeling, Retopology ( low and high poly mesh)
*PBR texturing(Physical Based Rendering), Procedural texturing( texturing using nodes)
*Lighting Settings
*Environmental settings
*Render settings
*Post processing.

AutoCAD skills:
*2D floor plan drafting.
*2D floor plan reading

Photoshop cc skills:
*Creating Seamless Texture maps for 3D texturing ( Albedo, roughness, normal, height, Ambient Occlusion)
*Photo editing
*Label and Logo

The files I provide are:
* Jpg, Png, Tif
*3D ( OGJ, Collada, FBX, STL, Cad )
*2D ( PDF, AutoCAD Dxf)


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